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Founded in 1937 and located in the historical downtown area of Lisbon, the Adega Machado is one of the main establishments where Fado is performed, making it a significant member in Lisbon’s Fado scene. 

At Adega Machado have sung the most distinguished names in Fado, whom, alongside other Portuguese and International high-profile individuals, one can see in the numerous photographs displayed in the establishment’s walls.

The restaurant had to adapt to new cultural norms that define, for those who visit, the quality of the experience. As a result, the restoration and reconstruction project focused on creating the means for the coexistence of the establishment’s different facets — restaurant, a stage for Fado, wine bar, and interactive cultural landmark. 

In the end, one of the primary priorities was to make sure that the new contemporary ambience could provide a space for visitors to enjoy local gastronomy, while gathering the significant experience of traditional Fado in its historical and cultural context.


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