Luis Candeias
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Built after the 1755 earthquake that desolated the downtown area of Lisbon, this three-storey building fits in the "pombalino" style of architecture, with its symmetrical structure and tile coated façade.

The building was highly deteriorated due to the lack of regular conservation works, particularly at the level of the roof's waterproofing characteristics — the decay of which was responsible for the deterioration of the staircase and upper floors. Moreover, the level of decomposition of the interior infrastructures, mainly built of wood, did not align with the building's legal requirements.

The historical importance of the building's defining elements and structural characteristics placed the preservation of this national legacy as a high priority in the execution of the project.

The ground floor, which is occupied by a restaurant, was not incorporated in this project. Each of the two upper floors corresponds to singular apartments, composed of a living room, 2 rooms, a bathroom, and a kitchen. In the renovation, the attic was turned into a studio flat with a similar typology.

The project focused on the renovation of all the deteriorated coating and its replacement for identical materials. All the interior woodwork was repaired and recoated.


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