Luis Candeias
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This house is an integral part of the Bairro da Encarnação— a neighbourhood composed of affordable houses built in Lisbon during the 1930s and 50s. Its construction integrated the “programme of new neighbourhoods”, put forward by Duarte Pacheco and begun in 1938. Rua 21 (21st street), located in the north side of the neighbourhood, is one of the main roads that radiate from Quinta de Santa Maria, where one can find the largest residences, and connect to Alameda da Encarnação.

The different residence projects obeyed various typologies, this specific one at hand being the “Moradia Económica [Affordable Residence], nº480, Class B, Type III.’ It is a twin house, made up of two floors and a two-level patio, where there is also an independent construction designed as a garage. 

We propose to expand the construction at the back. Although the design of the expansion will be contemporary, we intend to keep the main and lateral façades intact to guarantee the residence’s resemblance to its original construction, as well as to maintain its inclusion within the urban context. Therefore, we will keep the original building's roof and finish the expanded part with flat roof.

Within a contemporary context, the new project deals with the creation of a four-bedroom housing building, to which it will be added a basement, designed for technical equipment (air conditioning and heating facilities) and laundry. The lighting and ventilation are provided by a skylight at the back end, which complemented with a grid in the main façade of the building allow for a continuous flux of air.

The ground floor will be composed of an entry hall, from which one access the upper floors. In the middle floor will be installed a toilet for both common access and for the room or office located in the same floor. There is also a common room with an ample living and dining space and a kitchenette. This room, with its wide windows, has an open view over the garden.

The upper floor is expected to have two rooms with a shared bathroom. The remaining area of the floor is occupied by a main room, with an en-suite bathroom and closet space. The room's large window provides access to the outside.


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